We specialize in therapeutic massage to relieve pain and stress in the body. This often means working on a specific problem- such as low back pain. Our practitioners are highly skilled and have training in multiple massage styles, with special emphasis on deep tissue, and hydrotherapy modalities.

Therapeutic Massage:

Massage is an age-old technique employed to alleviate pain, stress and promote overall wellbeing. Various techniques are used by our highly skilled practitioners in order to meet your needs.

Salt or Sugar Scrub:

A luxurious way to exfoliate your skin; Your practitioner uses sugar or salt mixed with oils and/or shea butter and rubs the mixture gently over your body to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells. This works to reveal the softer, smoother skin that lies beneath. Salt Scrubs are more detoxifying, and Sugar Scrubs more nourishing and moisturizing to the skin.

Aroma Touch Technique:

The Aroma-Touch technique employs the use of 8 different essential oils applied in a specific order to help the body reduce inflammation, boost immune support, induce relaxation, and promote balance within the body. The oils are incorporated with a special massage focusing on the back and feet. It is a wonderfully relaxing experience, that is also vitalizing and invigorating to the senses!

Thai Massage:

Thai Massage, traditionally known as Nuad Boran, is an ancient form of bodywork with a lineage deeply rooted in yoga, ayurveda, traditional Thai medicine and Buddhist meditation. Thai massage aims to bring each recipient into a more balanced state of being by clearing energy lines known as sen lines and working on points known as marma points through means of compressions and assisted yoga postures knows as asanas. This healing modality is often referred to as “lazy man’s yoga” and is amazing in its ability to leave a recipient feeling relaxed and revitalized. It’s perfect for any body looking to clear stagnation, relax, and improve mobility as well as circulation while feeling deeply nurtured by this ancient art. 

Massage Therapy Pricing

* Prices subject to change

60 Minute Massage $85
90 Minute Massage $115
120 Minute Massage $120
Hot Stone Massage - 60 Minutes $100
Hot Stone Massage - 90 Minutes $130
Thai Massage - 90 Minutes $115
5 Session Massage Package $400
10 Session Massage Package $800