Allyson Lange-Sost, MAOM, L.Ac. (FL & GA)
Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM), BMPT II (Goiz University)

Allyson Lange-Sost, MAOM, L.Ac. (FL & GA) Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM), BMPT II (Goiz University)

Allyson is a nationally board certified Acupuncturist licensed in both FL & GA and Certified Level II Biomagnetic Pairing Therapist, earning her Diploma in Biomagnetic Pairing & Bioenergetics from La Universidad De Neuvas Ciencias Medicas Sc. A retired Respiratory Therapist, she graduated from DRCOM in 2008. She taught and supervised interns in the student clinic until 2017 and directly assisted Dr. Leon Hammer for 7 years during that time. She is one of a very few Certified Shen-Hammer Pulse and COM Instructors in the world.
Allyson comes to the Healing House with over 29 years in the medical profession and  performs monthly Biomagnetic Pairing Therapy scanning and Ionic Foot Detoxes. The Biomagnetic and Bioenergetic scans involve the use of magnets that are able to detect distortions in the pH that can be caused by injury, infection, illness, and genetic factors. Reestablishing proper pH helps the body to heal itself and creates a homeostatic environment that makes it difficult for pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and funguses to thrive in. Ionic Foot Detoxes are helpful for general detoxification. Both are helpful in achieving and maintaining whole body wellness.
On a personal note, Allyson is married and mother of 4 grown children, 2 terrier mix puppies and a Sealpoint Siamese cat. She loves any outdoor activity, gardening, water sports, live music and spending time with friends and family.