Biomagnetic Pairing Therapy :

With the help of powerful magnets, this therapy is used to alter the pH of the body as to create an inhospitable environment for viruses, bacteria and other pathogens that have taken root in the body.  This lessens the workload on your immune system and allows the body to more easily repair itself.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy:

This subtle, yet powerful treatment aims to realign imbalances in the musculo-skeletal and craniosacral systems through gentle manipulation of the bones in the skull, spine and pelvis. Craniosacral therapy restores proper flow of cerebral spinal fluid through the brain and spinal cord, affecting the innervation of the entire body.

Telehealth Sessions:

Connect virtually with your practitioner.  Telehealth Sessions will only be available for new and existing Oriental Medicine clients at this time. You will join an Online Meeting for your session.  Each session will include Diagnostics, Acupressure prescription, Herbal prescription (if deemed appropriate), and Lifestyle and Dietary changes to aid your condition.  Oriental Medical Qi Gong may also be prescribed based on client need.  

Yin Yoga Sessions:

While “yang” yoga focuses on muscles, “yin” yoga delves into your deep tissues -ligaments, joints, and bones.  It is restorative in nature and provides for slow and meditative postures.  Allow yourself to look inward and explore your mind while noticing and settling into the physical sensations within your body.  (Currently an Online Class M/W/F @ 10 AM)

Singing Bowl Meditation:

An online Guided Meditation Tuesday/Thursdays at 12:30pm. Allow the stress to melt away. Led by Karen Byron, DC


* Prices subject to change

Biomagnetic Pairing Therapy $100
Cranio-Sacral Therapy $90
Telehealth Sessions $40
Yin Yoga Session $10 Single Session; $40/5 Pack
Singing Bowl Meditation $10 Single Session; $40/5 Pack