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At The Healing House, we provide effective treatments at a fair price, with compassion, professionalism, and integrity at the core of our practice.  We are respectful, honest and caring clinicians who listen, and will do our best to serve you.


Herbal Therapy:

The Healing House will offer patented herbal remedies as well as customized herbal formulas.  A major aspect of Oriental Medicine is herbal medicine.  Once your practitioner has determined your diagnosis they will create a customized herbal formula to treat your condition based on your unique presentation of symptoms. Herbal medicine facilitates healing by supplying essential nutrients to the body and improving circulation, thereby further enhancing the body’s ability to treat the pathology at the root of those symptoms.


The Healing House will also maintain certain over-the-counter herbal remedies available without a prescription for relief from acute conditions such as the common cold and flu, painful conditions, and digestive upset.


Gua Sha:

Gua sha is a technique used in traditional Oriental Medicine to alleviate muscle tension and pain.  The practitioner uses a small hand tool, usually a smooth jade stone carved for this purpose, to repeatedly rub over areas of tension in a consistent manner, with a special technique.  The effect is an immediate increase in circulation to the area resulting in pain relief and release of muscle tension.



Moxibustion, also called Moxa, is another technique used to increase circulation to specific areas of the body.  It is an herb used for its many healing properties, but also for its ability to burn at high temperatures.  The moxa is never applied directly to the skin, but through various applications it is held over acupuncture points as a method of heat therapy, while also stimulating the body’s own natural energy to decrease inflammation. For example, it is highly effective in cases of arthritis that tend to be worse with cold temperatures.



Cupping is a technique in which glass or silicone suction cups are applied with light suction to areas of the body; most often the back, neck and shoulders.   Like gua sha and moxa, it also facilitates circulation in areas of tension and pain, thereby alleviating discomfort.  At times the cups are applied and left stationary for a few minutes and then removed.  Other times, your practitioner may choose to employ moving cupping, in which case, the cups are applied with light suction and moved along the back on either one or both sides of the spine.


Korean Hand Therapy:

Needle-less Acupuncture!!! This is the perfect modality for those patients who prefer not to be needled.  This treatment is based on Korean Hand Energetics, which utilizes the hand as a microcosm for the body.  In other words, all the acupuncture points that are located on the body, can also be treated from the hand with a tiny, but strong magnet.


Tui Na:

“Tui Na” means “push-pull”.  It is an ancient method of Chinese Massage.  Your practitioner may choose to employ a bit of Tui na to an area before needling to soften the tissues and release muscle tension.  Other times, your practitioner may choose to end your acupuncture session with a short massage to open the meridian pathways of the body, and as a method of promoting relaxation.


Essential Oils:

The Healing House utilizes DoTerra CPTG essential oils.  Essential oils can be compared to herbal medicine.  The oils themselves are close to 70% stronger than raw herbs, as they are the plants’ natural immune system and are the highly concentrated essence of the plant from which they are extracted.  Plant based medicine has existed for thousands of years.  These essential oils have magnificent benefits to improve and maintain wellness.  They also have a very powerful impact on mood and behavioral complaints.







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